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LinkedIn Community

The Chicago Compensation Association is excited to share a new and creative way that you can stay connected with your fellow CCA members. We recently created a group within LinkedIn® that provides a dynamic, on-line community we can all participate in and benefit from.  In addition, this feature allows you to reach your fellow Compensation and HR peers within your industry, others who may share similar career interests, or people that are looking to network on projects and share ideas.  And the best news - this is a free group that you may start using today; you only have to be a member of the on-line LinkedIn® community (which is free) to join!

Ways you can use the Chicago Compensation Association Group

    • Network directly with other Compensation and HR professionals – share ideas and information; network with others that are looking for new projects and opportunities; stay connected to your local Chicago-area community;
    • Learn about upcoming CCA events and offerings, including advance information and thoughts about breakfast briefings, classes, and annual meetings,
    • Connect with peers within your industry and have similar rewards and compensation challenges;
    • Participate in our new CCA Transition Group if you are in a job search or expect to transition employment to a new opportunity, and;
  • A great way to build your LinkedIn® network of Compensation Professionals in the Chicagoland area!

How to Join

Join us today! Visit LinkedIn® and if you are not a member already, sign up and become one for free. Then, visit and join our CCA group. Or, search in the Groups section for “Chicago Compensation Association”.  We look forward to networking with you in our on-line community!