CCA is committed to advancing the body of knowledge of the compensation field through educational seminars, member forums, regular publications, networking opportunities and related activities and services.

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Annual membership is based on your anniversary date at the following rates:

  • $95.00 for a Regular Membership (practitioner, consultant or educator) - fee includes attendance at events, although registration is still required.

  • $115.00 for a Compensation Experts Forum Membership - Fee includes Regular Membership benefits plus the opportunity to meet with other Compensation Expert Forum members semi-annually. 
  • $500.00 for Corporate Membership – members from the same company have the option of saving over 20% in membership fees by choosing from one of the following:
    • seven Regular memberships 
    • two Compensation Experts Forum memberships and four Regular memberships
  • Student Membership - 1st year is free; $45.00 for Second Year of a Student Membership (Proof of enrollment in undergraduate or graduate program required, as well as enrollment in compensation or HR-related course. When completing the application, you will be asked to e-mail or fax proof of enrollment and current class schedule to CCA.) Fee includes attendance at monthly events, although registration is still required.

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